martes, abril 08, 2014

True Detective ( UPDATED!)

Ok, this has been a fun one. 2 jobmates did some fan art of  True Detective, and it looked so good that I couldn't resist the temptation of doin' my own one...It was not in my head to do this kind of illustration...but the more I worked on the Illustration, more fun was the thing. So I decided to discover where could I arrive....and there it is.

Actually, it's not so pinktoned...don't know why blogger turns the color hue to pink ><!

Hope you like it. I'll post soon a step by step.

( UPDATE!!!) Here you have a small Step by Step. As you can see, the first rough did't had any ressemblance to the character...only a few dirty lines to put things in place. It's been more like sculpting ( as a good friend of mine says...).